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Signal Found V0.3 Indev Build

An indev build of Signal Found, an exploration game set on a derelict and forgotten planet. · By Signal Found


Recent updates

Devlog Update 4: Signal Found V0.3 Indev Release
[incoming transmission] [begin transmission] Hello survey pilot {{pilot name}}! We have sent a new software update for your R03-VR Drone for immediate download...
Devblog Update 1: Transmission Awaiting
[transmission awaiting approval...] [uplink requested] waiting... waiting... [uplink approved] [signal found] [tranmission approved] [establishing connection...
Devlog Update 3: New Year, New Act
A New Year With the New Year having come and brought us into 2020, the Signal Found team is back at work once again! We’ve made some substantial progress on i...
Devlog Update 2, Release 0.1.0: Confirmation Codes Received
[waiting on confirmation...] [waiting on confirmation...] [confirmation codes received] [verifying...] [confirmation codes verified] [new transmission awaiting...

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