Devlog Update 2, Release 0.1.0: Confirmation Codes Received

[waiting on confirmation...]
[waiting on confirmation...]
[confirmation codes received]
[confirmation codes verified]
[new transmission awaiting approval...]
[transmission approved]
[establishing secure connection...]
[transmission start]

Huh, looks like the connection went out there on the last devlog post. Weird. Anyways...

Signal Found has now moved into Early Access with our first playable build, Indev 0.1.0! This is a very early build, but will give you a taste of what we are making and what is yet to come! We look forward to providing all of you with updates and new builds as we hit future milestones!

Head on over to the main page of Signal Found to download and play today! As with any game, if you run into any bugs or have any questions, please leave a comment describing the bug or question and we would be happy to get back to you in a timely manner!

Mouse and Keyboard Controls:
WSAD: Movement
Shift: Lower Altitude
Space: Raise Altitude
Mouse: Move Camera View
Scroll: Adjust Camera Zoom
E: Grab Object

Gamepad Controls:
Left Joystick: Movement
Right Joystick: Move Camera View
Right Trigger: Raise Altitude
Left Trigger: Lower Altitude
Right Bumper: Increase Camera Zoom
Left Bumper: Decrease Camera Zoom
Xbox Controller Grab: A

Current Build Walkthrough:

1) Move through the valley.
2) Use grab tool to remove large rocks blocking your way.
3) Time your movement through the ebbing and flowing sandstorm, hiding behind the pillars for cover.
4) Move through the cave and buildings.
5) Rise to the plateau.

End of current content.

[transmission end]
[connection lost]
[awaiting new input...]

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