Devlog Update 4: Signal Found V0.3 Indev Release

[incoming transmission]

[begin transmission]

Hello survey pilot {{pilot name}}! We have sent a new software update for your R03-VR Drone for immediate download and installation! Failure to comply may result in your termination and immediate ejection from your control vessel. Included in this software update is the following:

Version 0.3 Patch Notes

Updated render pipeline to HD.
Updated respawn system.
Updated damage indicators.
Updated damage effects.
Added propulsion effects.
Added effects to tractor beam.
Area 1 completely overhauled. Removed sandstorm puzzle due to difficulty. Remapped environment to be geographically more extreme and provide greater environmental cues as to where to go.

Known Issues: Lighting inside of some buildings.

Coming Soon:

Act 2
Updated HUD
Ooze-Zorp :^)

[end transmission]

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