Devlog Update 3: New Year, New Act

A New Year

With the New Year having come and brought us into 2020, the Signal Found team is back at work once again! We’ve made some substantial progress on improving and expanding content in Signal Found, especially in Act 1.

User Feedback

Since our last update, we released the first build of Signal Found, V0.1 Indev. We’ve been collecting feedback over the last 2 months while away for the holidays and are very thankful for those who provided it! The general consensus was that the flight controls and premise were positive, but that there were few indicators of what to do or how to proceed through the level. Upon review, we found this feedback very helpful and are working to address and improve upon it.

Upcoming Patch Notes

The team is working diligently to polish, rework, and create more content for our next release of Signal Found. The next release will feature the following:

- Act 1 completely reworked

  • Act 1 was the bulk of V0.1. While we were proud of what we accomplished, we felt that the section with the sandstorm and pillars was crude, buggy, and not an engaging experience. There was a lack of directional indicators for what the player should do and where they should go. This will be addressed in the next update as this section will be replaced.
  • Act 1 will also be getting an aesthetics pass. More color and environmental variety will be introduced into Act 1 to break up the monotony of the red-brown color palette.

- Introduce Act 2

  • Players will be able to play parts of Act 2. More to come on Act 2 soon!

- Control Menu

  • A requested feature was a menu to see the controls for Signal Found.

- Camera Refinement

  • A bit of camera refinement will be shipped in the next version of Signal Found to address some clipping.

- Various Bug Fixes

  • We’ve called in an exterminator to squash some of the strange and rare bugs that sometimes present themselves.

- Visual damage indicators

  • Chromatic aberration effect added when taking damage.

- Death animation and respawning

  • The drone will now ragdoll out of the sky when too much damage is taken and respawn.


Last week, the Global Game Jam occurred and many members of our team participated in creating a planetary repair game called Lumpy! Check out Lumpy’s Game Jam page, download it, and leave a like at the link below! If you want more Lumpy, follow Lumpy on it’s, also linked below!

Game Jam:

End Transmission

We are very excited to soon have more to show you! Stay connected with us on Twitter, where we will be posting more often and showing off some of the works in progress we have!


Sean Keough

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