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Welcome to Signal Found, a narrative exploration game about a forsaken and derelict planet with a dark secret. Control the futuristic quad-rotor drone Remote 03 Virtual Reconnasaince Drone, or R03-VR/ROVER, and uncover the secrets that lie within the crumbling structures and earth of 13 Tenebris B.

Key Features of Signal Found:

Interactive Puzzles
Beautiful and unique extraterrestrial landscapes
Tight drone flight controls
A mystery-horror narrative

The Making of Signal Found (so far!)

Signal Found wasn't always called Signal Found. The concept of Signal Found was born in late August 2019 in Bob DeSchutter's IMS 488 capstone class of Game Pre-Production. A group of Bob's students then formed a well-equipped and experienced team and set out to create the vision encapsulated in the original concept document of Signal Found. This original concept was a game called Rover. Rover was a game very similar to Signal Found, however, it had a very significant difference: land navigation. Rover intended to use a vehicle similar to Opportunity, the Mars rover, as the entity the player controls. The decision to switch from a terrestrial rover into a quad-rotor drone came early in pre-production as a result of expanded design possibilities. With a drone, verticality could be readily used for puzzles and environment design, as well as the swift and agile movement of a quad-rotor. Rover still found its way into Signal Found through the naming of the quad-rotor: R03-VR, or Rover.

Movement Controls - WSAD/Left Joystick 
Increase Altitude - Space/Right Trigger 
Decrease Altitude - Shift/Left Trigger 
Tractor Beam - E Key/ A Button 
Move Camera - Mouse/Right Joystick
 Adjust Camera Zoom - Scroll Wheel/Right and Left Bumpers

Jared Burkamper - C# Programmer

Dustin Downs - 3D Artist, Graphic Designer

Trey Grabinger - 3D Artist

David Helbling - C# Programmer, Concept Artist, Composer

Sean Keough - Project Manager, Site Manager, Social Media Manager

Wilson Russell - Narrative Designer

Christian Turner - 3D Artist

Emily Waugh - Environment Artist, Level Designer

Install instructions

Download and extract the files in the .zip folder. 
Run Rover.exe


Rover_v0.4.1.zip 332 MB
Signal Found Press Kit 2020 Updated.zip 468 MB

Development log